This list will be updated as each series gains a new post. Each series will also be linked by its own tag.

Economics of Downton Abbey Series

Season 5 (Follows US schedule):

Introduction to Season Five

A Party for the Working Class (episode 1)

Financing a Wireless (episode 2)

War Memorials (or Sympathy Butters No Parsnips) (episode 3)

Building on the Estate (episode 4)

A Place for Ms. Bunting (episode 5)

Not Just a Haircut (episode 6)

Echoes of Marx (episode 7)

Selling Heirlooms (episode 8)

Season 4:

Introduction to Season Four

Death and Taxes (episode 1)

The Weekend House Party (episode 2)

Service and Identity (episode 3)

Tenant Farming (episode 4)

It’s Electric (episode 5)

Edith’s Options (episode 6)

The ‘Downton Abbey Economy‘ (episode 7)

Updates to My Reading List (end of season)

Costumes of Downton Abbey – a visit to the exhibit

Season 3:


Opening Episode Commentary

The Grand Trunk Railway: Failure and Arbitration

Spinsters Get Up for Breakfast

The Rigid Socio-Economic Structure

The Decision Does Not Lie with the Chauffeur

The Reluctant Landlord

The Happy Farmer

References and Rankings Below Stairs

Books to Tide You over until Season 4

Economic History and Women’s Rights:

Women’s Rights and Economic Empowerment

Coverture: An Inhibitor of Married Women’s Rights

Women Can’t Have It All: 19th Century Edition

Emerging Markets Series:


Defining Emerging Markets

Origins of the Federal Reserve:

The Origins of the Federal Reserve System: Part One

The Origins of the Federal Reserve System: Part Two

The Origins of the Federal Reserve System: Part Three

Sinking Fund Series:


Part 1: The British Experience and Mr. Richard Price

Part 2: The US Experience following the Revolutionary War

Part 3: The European Redemption Fund and Hamilton’s Legacy


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